Rox Laird

Rox Laird was an editorial writer at The Des Moines Register for more than 30 years and a reporter on the Des Moines Tribune for a decade before that. He is not a lawyer.

Laird began his career at the afternoon Tribune in 1972, focusing on state, regional and local government.

After the Tribune closed, he moved to the Register and joined the editorial page staff where he was the newspaper’s lead writer on the courts, the U.S. and Iowa constitutions, legal issues, prisons and criminal justice.

He also specialized in writing about the First Amendment, and public access to government information. Laird was a founding member of the Iowa Freedom of Information Council in 1976, and twice served as president of the council’s Board of Trustees.

Laird was recognized by the Iowa Supreme Court in November 2014 for his “strong voice in support of justice.”

Laird is a native of Kearney, Neb., and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism at Iowa State University. He and his wife, Teresa Ann Laird, live in Des Moines and have three grown children.

You can contact Laird at 515-971-9752 or

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